Free Ground Shipping Over $50
Free Ground Shipping Over $50

Wedding & Event Favors

It’s your special day: you’ve got your something old, new, borrowed, blue…why not add a candle too?!

Often overlooked, smell has a profound impact in shaping our impressions and creating lasting memories. Personalized, custom scented candles are the perfect way to say thank you to family and friends who have made your day extra special. With 100+ scents to choose from, your signature scent will be exclusive to your special day.

We also offer favors for baby and bridal showers, fundraisers, and other special celebrations.  Custom blended candles with labeling unique to your event provide a fun gift and a memory that will not be forgotten!

We will walk you through customizing your signature scent, choosing a container and creating the look for your label. Hand-poured in Cincinnati, our soy candles are natural and long-burning. We have several products for you to choose from and are pros at putting together a custom favor that fits your theme and budget.

Scent Your Business

Why use scent to enhance your business? Great question!

Did you know that your sense of smell is the strongest human sense? Since your olfactory system, (sense of smell) is located in the same part of your brain that effects emotions, memory, and creativity, it’s no wonder why certain smells take us right back to a childhood memory or spark an emotion within us almost instantly.

Despite this direct connection, scent is often overlooked in our daily lives! Creating a scent unique to your business helps develop customer loyalty, creates brand recognition, improves customer experiences, and even encourages repeat business. Scent can also help with employee stress levels and productivity!

The Candle Lab has been helping businesses create unique, brand-specific scents for 10+ years. Our scent experts are deeply committed to understanding exactly what you and your customers are looking for. From picking the right scent blend to crafting a custom label, we will work with you throughout the entire process to make sure we get it right.

Looking to create employee appreciation gifts? Let us take the guesswork out! We can accommodate orders for small businesses as well as large corporations and our competitive pricing provides a unique opportunity to offer something truly special and custom to your employees.

Want to create your own line of scented products to sell at your business? Check out our Wholesale & Private Label section to get more information.

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