Special Order Candles

Often overlooked, smell has a profound impact in shaping our impressions and creating lasting memories. Personalized, custom scented candles are the perfect way to say thank you to family and friends who have made your day extra special. With 100+ scents to choose from, your signature scent will be exclusive to your special day.

We will walk you through customizing your signature scent, choosing a container and creating the look for your label. Hand-poured in Cincinnati, our soy candles are natural and long-burning. We have several products for you to choose from and are pros at putting together a custom favor that fits your theme and budget.

  • Wedding Favors

    It’s your special day: you’ve got your something old, new, borrowed, blue…why not add a candle too?! Custom candles designed by the happy couple make for the perfect, unique favor that guests will remember for years to come!

  • Corporate Gifts

    Thank your employees with a gift they’ll actually use! Custom scented and branded candles are a great way to show your appreciation and how much your staff means to you. You’ll even be able to add your logo or message to make a truly unique, personalized gift.

  • Special Events

    We also offer favors for baby and bridal showers, fundraisers, and other special celebrations.  Custom blended candles with labeling unique to your event provide a fun gift and a memory that will not be forgotten!

Wholesale Candles

Scent is an incredibly powerful tool in setting a mood and creating memories. Designing a custom fragrance for your business is a perfect way to enhance your customers’ experience and create a unique stamp on your brand. Adding your name to a one-of-a-kind fragrance will increase your brand recognition and help you stand out from competitors. The power of custom fragrance can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The Candle Lab prides itself on using high-quality, natural soy wax, cotton-paper wicks, and premium fragrance oils. These simple ingredients provide a clean, even burn that will smell great from the very first use all the way to the last.

* Please note that we do not sell wholesale wax, fragrance oil, wicks, or other candle-making supplies.*

  • Personalization Package

    Creating your brand’s custom fragrance is fun! Using our standard jar offerings, our dedicated team of scent experts will help you from start to finish, consulting on which of your favorite scents blend best together. We will then walk you through how to make your fragrance uniquely yours. Each candle will have an in-house printed label with logo and scent name. Personalization Package orders have lower minimums and can typically be filled within two weeks.

  • Private Label

    Private Label candles begin with all of the basics from the Personalization Package, but the process becomes even more customized to each unique business. We will work with you closely to hand-select the perfect jar and fragrance, custom to your brand. Private Label candles also receive professionally printed labels which add a tailored look to the final product. Private Label has higher minimums and a longer lead time – typically 3-4 weeks from start to finish depending on total quantity ordered.